Lil Wayne and 2 Chains refuse to perform before Cardi B

The rapper showed up to Colonial Life Arena for the concert but didn’t perform or even enter the building. After careful consideration and a consultation with our attorneys we collectively have decided not to offer refunds for the 2nd Annual Fall Ball 2017. All of our flyers and promotions has never once mentioned Lil Wayne as the headliner nor mentioned this as a Lil Wayne concert. (also attached is Lil Wayne non-headlining contract vs. Tyrese headlining artist contract where you have to receive approval for supporting acts) Each artist on…

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M.P.E Lost Tapes Soja Realz “Keep It G” Featuring Funeral Flow

Soja Realz returns to the streets after some time away and returned with the Music Pusher Entertainment project. he then signed Funeral Flow to the record label and had there first recording session with the song Keep It G. The track was lost and could not be fully mastered but MySpace found the file that was uploaded to there data base. The Verse by funeral flow was not written it was a  freestyle which that day he was know as the freestyle general. you can stream on myspace below here:…

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