DJ KAY SLAY & WACK100 almost f!ght during SAFAREE interview !!!

slay got fed up with wack interrupting the interview around 26 min 3,527 total views, no views today

3,527 total views, no views today

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Snoop Dogg & 50 Cent Support Birdman’s Behavior During Breakfast Club Interview

The Breakfast Club experienced their shortest interview ever when Birdman threw a temper tantrum this morning and turned into our favorite internet meme. Birdman had some choice words for The Breakfast Club as he continued to ask them to put respect on his name when they talk about him or when his name is brought up! 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg seem to rock with his actions as Snoop posted, “Nuff.Respect.Family. Check a n*gga on sight. G style. @Birdman5Star.” 50 Cent posted on Instagram saying, “LMAO Baby on his gansta…

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Bubble Shake Radio: Dj @Sojarealz Live Interview with Specialyst Ent. artist @ProvaloneP

Online Entertainment Radio at Blog Talk Radio with BUBBLE SHAKE RADIO 94 total views, no views today

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M.P.E Magazine Model of the week “Mz Exclusive”

Interview By: Mike Braxton MPEM: Lets talk about your name. Why did you choose it?MZE: It came from a car club I was in Exclusive Grand Prix’s and it just stuck. MPEM: What city and/or country do you hail from?MZE: I’m from Chicago Illinois in the USA but I reside in Atlanta now. MPEM: Sexiest part of your body?MZE: Id have to say my eyes   MPEM: Does being a model make it hard for you building a relationship with that special person?MZE: Yes it does people are intimidated by the attention and assume I’m since I have so many options that I will go after them. MPEM: What made you decide to become a model?MZE: I tried it for fun and happened to be good at it so I kept going.   MPEM: What sets you apart from other models?MZE: I model for fun and enjoy it, where as a lot of other models do it for the incentives and fame. MPEM: Is there anyone who influenced you in your career?MZE: Yes my mentor her name is Queen she got me started and advised me of what to look for and what to look out for.   MPEM: What’s the most positive thing and the most negative thing, if any,you can say about what you’ve experienced since you’ve started modeling?MZE: I’ve made a lot of money and got a lot of exposure from it. I’ve meet some of the most perverted men ever. MPEM: What is the most satisfying thing, for you, about being a model?MZE: New out fits getting dolled up hair makeup etc. the pay check I see once it’s done 🙂 the traveling and see new cities and people.     MPEM: Do you think that it is easy to avoid drama once you’re in the modeling game?MZE: Yes as long as u don’t give people the satisfaction of stepping to you then your fine.   MPEM: Do you think that dating has been hard for you since you started modeling?MZE: No dating isn’t hard at all it’s the serious relationship that’s hard.   To Be Continued: Issue 1 of Music Pusher Entertainment Magazine Featuring Ceo Of Bubble shake magazine DJ @Sojarealz. Facebook: Email: Twitter: @Mz_ExclusiveVal Website: Instagram: @mzexclusiveval 1,000 total views, 1 views today

1,000 total views, 1 views today

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The Music Pusher Show – Interview with artist “Classic” Hosted by DJ @sojarealz

  Discover Entertainment Internet Radio with BUBBLE SHAKE RADIO There is a lot to be said about this Artist who defines  the essence of Hip Hop through his hard work and dedication. Born and raised in South Side Jamaica Queens Classic studied other well-Known lyricist as a teenager to get to where he is at today Tupac was a big inspiration to my creativity, with out him there would be no Classic. It was Havoc from Mobb Deep who truly showed me what it takes to become a great Artist…

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The Music Pusher Show- Interview with Artist “Richie Wess”

New Entertainment Internet Radio with BUBBLE SHAKE RADIO Born in QUEENS, NY Richie Wess moved to TAMPA, FL where he would begin starting his young career with his cousin DJ Spinatik. Wess was influenced by Run DMC, at an early age. His father produced many music videos for Russell Simmons Def Jam in the early eighties and Wess took a liking to the music and the business. At 4 years-old he played in an urban movie as the lead’s son in “The Last Boxer”. At 6, he was performing for…

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The Music Pusher Show interview with artist “Gormei”

    More Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with BUBBLE SHAKE RADIO on BlogTalkRadio BIO:My name is michael Joseph Benjamin cameron the 3rd. I go by Joseph Benjamins or joe doe . Im from Hempstead ny born and raised. Came up on Terrace ave aka 100 block. Shout out the whole hunnit . If you dont know thats Strong island New York aka long island. I have family in Brooklyn Queens bronx harlem and upstate New york. Music is in my family. My grandfather was a drummer for James…

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