Single Package

Your music — on all the most popular download and streaming sites worldwide. With over 100 digital distribution partners.

We will get your music for sale in more places than any other music distributor worldwide.

Radio Interview on Bubble Shake Radio

Front cover of M.P. E Magazine ( Google Play store & over 100 shelf’s)

Featured on musicpusherent.com

2 months social media Blast

Free Beat From Black Friday & PMG


Album Package

CD sales are still one of the most important sources of income for musicians. We ship thousands of discs every day to customers around the world, including many countries where CD’s are far-and-away the preferred music format. If you’re not offering CD’s for your fans, you’re missing out on sales. With Music Pusher Ent Distribution, your music will be available in over 15,000 record stores worldwide — and on musicpusherent.com.com. this Package also comes with Digital Distribution to over 100 stores on the internet.

Cover Bubble Shake Magazine

Cover Music Pusher Entertainment Magazine

Free Press Kit Design

Free advertisement- 6 months

Free In studio Photo-shoot

Free in studio Video Shoot

Mixtape Headline + more

Free Beat From Black Friday & PMG


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